Do you remember for the Big Mountain?

If you ask a friend to list 2 reggae songs, there's a good chance for the "No Woman,No Cry" and "Baby I Love Your Way". So we can say that they were one of the best reggae band in the 90s.
In 1992 they became famous with the Wake Up album and after the Unity made the world success. On this album featured the well-known song "Baby I Love Your Way" which was a Peter Frampton song processing and which was on the international charts for months. The success didn't last long even though two albums was also released but the film musical success couldn't be repeated. The team was not dissolved, but in the early 2000s, everyone focused on their own lives. In addition of some songs and festivals they were stay in that mood.
Maybe just because of nostalgia, but it made ​​me very excited when I heard about in this March about Big Mountain. They made a Kickstarter campaign in which they looking for some sponsors for the new album. In less than a month they brought $40.000 so they were in the studio all summer long. From here a single also has came out in July titled "Blue Skies", and for the upcoming Beatles tribute they made a cover.
In addition to the studio they have time for other things so on 13th October ( after over 10 years) they give a show in LA with Maxi Priest and Ky-Mani Marley.
In this link you can test one of the new song, followed by the well-known clip: